Is element visible?

For me and I believe for any decent automation framework is very important to have a reliable method which checks elements visibility before interaction and returns a boolean value instead of exception. Even though it’s an easy solution but for those who just started it will save a lot of time.

this is a neat and very useful method


public boolean isElementVisable(By by){
return driver.findElements(by).size() > 0;


However if you are using PageFactory this gets a bit tricky since WebElement doesn’t have .size() method and getSize returns coordinates which are not useful to make a check. I have tried to make a method avoiding exceptions but in this case it seems that you’ll have to handle it.


public boolean isElementVisable(WebElement element){
   return element.isDisplayed();
 }catch(NoSuchElementException e){
   return false;


I know that it’s a bit messy solution since exceptions are involved, also webdriver can throw ElementNotVisibleException or something else so this makes it hard to control, unless you throw in a generic exception or catch-all possible ones.

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